Want to get noticed?

Why Hire Me?

I am an artist and graphic designer living near Albany, NY. I am currently getting my BFA from Sage College of Albany for Graphic and Media Design and attended Mildred Elley College for Digital Graphics, both in Albany, New York. I have worked a semester as the graphic designer for National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York State, as well as a faculty assistant for the Graphic and Media Design Department at Sage.

With a history of over twenty years as a pastel artist and illustrator I am able to apply my artistic abilty to the computer to design something unique and individualized to meet your needs. To do that, It is important to first do some research when designing to find out what your competitors are doing and statistics about the subject matter. I also need to collect information to answer why something should look a specific way, and the best methods to get the desired results so I will end up providing you with a design that stands out and goes beyond what you were expecting.

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